Simple Toddler Schedule for a Christian Stay at Home Mom

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When we were in process for our son’s adoption, I spent time searching for the perfect toddler schedule.  I’ve mentioned before that my plan did not go as expected, but it is true that a general routine is helpful for little ones.  Over time I developed a stay at home mom schedule and a better routine. Having some sort of routine helps you to be more intentional in creating an environment that consistently points your child to Christ.  Here is the schedule I used and some additional tips for creating your own toddler schedule!


A daily, simple toddler schedule for a Christian Stay at Home Mom - I enjoy reading what a typical SAHM schedule for a 2 year old looks like. This version has an emphasis on Christian books, music, and learning | Great Gospel-centered ideas with tips to create your own schedule #SAHMschedule #toddlermom #Christianmom

Here is my daily SAHM to a toddler schedule

7 am – Mommy wakes up, gets ready, reads Bible

8 am – My son wakes up, eats breakfast, gets dressed

9 am – MWF: Free play and/or help while mommy does chores (clean, prep dinner if it’s a crockpot meal, etc); Tue/Thurs: Speech Therapy

  • I like to stream Christian music during this time.  Current favorites are Listen Up! by Sovereign Grace Music or Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy.

10 am – MWF: ABC Jesus Loves Me; Tues/Thurs Errands and Library – sometimes playdates or the park on Fridays

  • ABC Jesus Loves Me is a toddler and preschool curriculum that encourages play-based learning in academics, developmental skills, and the Bible.  You can purchase the printed curriculum or access it free from the website.  For us, this normally looks like reading, coloring, a craft or two a week, learning/reviewing songs, and gross motor activities. As we progressed through the curriculum, it became more heavily worksheet based, which did not work for our family. Because of that, we switched to My Father’s World‘s preK program.

11 am – Free play while mommy gets lunch ready.  If nice, go outside or to park.

  • We do a 15 min toy pick-up before lunch to help control the chaos

Noon – Lunch

12:30 pm – Read and cuddle before nap

1-3pm – Naptime; Mommy works on the blog

  • Yes, I can’t believe it either that my son sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a 2-hour nap.  No, I don’t know how/why it happens, but we are beyond thankful!

3 pm – Snack time, sometimes we watch a show. My son enjoys Owlegories on Amazon Prime!

3:30 pm – If the weather is nice, play outside; otherwise, Child-led play inside

4:30 pm – If we were unable to do it in the morning, ABCJesusLoves Me.  Finish up any leftover chores

5 pm – Start Dinner.  My son will sometimes play by himself, but most often he likes to help.  We don’t have one yet, but I am considering purchasing one of these learning tower stools to make this safer and easier.

6/6:30 pm – Eat Dinner

6:30 pm – If daddy isn’t working late, they will play before bath

7 pm – Bathtime

7:30 pm – Cuddles and reading

8 pm – Bedtime

8-10 pm – Time with my husband


This simple toddler schedule is so useful! As a Christian, stay at home mom, I want to be purposeful, and this routine definitely helps. I love all the tips for creating a schedule as well! #toddlermom #toddlerschedule #sahmschedule


Tips for creating your own SAHM or toddler schedule


Know Where You Are in Life

  • Did you just add a new little one to your family? In the first couple of months after adopting our oldest, we were in survival mode. This meant I couldn’t expect to maintain a toddler schedule that included several hours of my cooking, cleaning, exercise, etc.  Whether it’s a new child, illness, or moving, there are times in our lives where we must go back to the basics.  Write down your bare minimums, and then (flexibly!) schedule those into your day.  Don’t forget to try and include sleep!  Can’t even manage the survival mode, basics?  Be willing to ask for help.

Utilize Block Scheduling

  • In my sample SAHM with a toddler schedule, I wrote down the approximate times that we do different activities.  In real life, I prefer to think more in time blocks.  Physical activity for an hour, crafts for 20 minutes, reading for 45 minutes, and errands for 2 hours.  If you are a work at home mom, you will also find this to help with your productivity.  I work on this blog for 2 hours a day during naptime, and I use block scheduling within those two hours.  On any given day, I might allocate an hour for writing, 15 minutes for social media, 15 minutes for answering emails, and 30 minutes for reading and commenting on other blogs.

Be Flexible

  • It took several months before we got into any semblance of a routine, and adding another child to our family only changed things further.  After you’ve written down your bare minimums and start adding additional items, be aware that these may change over time. See what my schedule looks like now with two kids!

Keep Your Priorities Straight

  • My priorities are as follows: faith, family, home, blog.  Honestly review your day.  Are you spending more time on social media or watching Netflix than reading the Word?  Do you prioritize an immaculate home over spending time with your children?  When considering your family’s daily schedule, make it one that reflects God’s rightful place at the center of your lives.


What Do You Think?

Do you have a general schedule or routine that you follow?  What tips would you give someone who doesn’t have any routines in place?  How does having a schedule help you keep your priorities straight, making sure you keep your rapt attention on Christ?


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3 thoughts on “Simple Toddler Schedule for a Christian Stay at Home Mom”

  1. This is an incredible schedule and very helpful. I wish I would have had a schedule to go by the 1 year I stayed home with baby girl. Having a toddler, 2 elementary school age and a middle school kid makes our schedules crazy but we manage (somehow). I’m really interested in the curriculum that you reference here. I need to keep up with some time of schedule for Addy and I on the 2 days a week I’m home with her.

  2. I appreciate your post…. but it made me chuckle. Okay, it made me laugh. It sounded like my routine when my now 6 year old was a toddler. But, I hope you realize that your routine is a very precious gift. It really is. Something to bow your knees and thank God for each day. My oldest are grown. THe oldest is almost 24. And, I remember having two under two at one point. I also now have a one year old. And, I appreciate that you adopted when your child was 18 months old, but there were some important things you missed that throws schedules right out the window. Teething, Colick, reflux, food adversions, constipation…. and I can go on and on. Each one of these things could easily eliminate half the days schedule for weeks at a time! 🙂 My advice to you, from one sister inchrist to another….. I’ve been where you are. Darling… appreciate it. Literally, thank the Lord each day for it. It really is a gift from above. And, for other mommas who have been where I am at… my best advice….like they say in kayaking: “Just roll with it”, Keep a simple, basic routine. And, I mean basic. And roll with it. Have a checklist of things that must be done each day. And, no, scrubbing floors isn’t one of them. Sure would be nice to. But, good sleep. Good food. Hugs and kisses. Basic cleaning. That’s the stuff to make sure you accomplish. Even if you don’t get your teeth brushed… take care of the little ones teeth! 🙂 And, I know other mommas know what I am talking about. Same with getting a shower. 🙂 Haha…. I laugh now, but how true it can be at times. 🙂 Just roll with it. Smile. Because, the biggest thing is your kids will learn how to roll with it too! And for what its worth….make sure everyone sleeps! No grumpy mama, no grumpy kids…. super super important! Don’t sacrifice sleep for your computer, tv, a little downtime after the kids go to bed… protect it! You’re whole family will be better off for having a well rested momma. And, last but not least…. as a 43 yr old momma… I can say, enjoy it all while you can. This only lasts for a short while. You will never regret taking time to enjoy it!

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