It’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood, feeling like you lack purpose and joy.  We will never be content in our role unless we seek Christ first!  Find encouragement in these posts as you learn what it means to look to Christ as a mama.

Seeking God as a Busy Mama

I’m easily distracted.   After cleaning the house for an hour, I look around and wonder what I’ve ever done. I start with the goal of cleaning the kitchen, then have to change a dirty diaper. I see the clothes on the bedroom floor, so I start a load of laundry. The boys are fighting …

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10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

I love all the audio resources available for Christian moms. We play an audio Bible through the Redeeming Routines guides daily. If I’m not listening to that while doing chores, you can typically find me listening to a podcast. Podcasts are an easy way for busy moms to find encouragement, advice, instruction in theology. Here …

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