Finding meaning in

the ordinary


Seek the Lord and his strength;

seek his presence continually!

1 Chronicles 16:11

About Me

My name is Allyson Reid, and I’m thrilled you found my writings. As a wife of over ten years and a homeschooling mom to two energetic boys, I understand the beautiful chaos that comes with motherhood and life in general. Like you, I often find myself caught up in the mundane, feeling overwhelmed and guilty for my lack of consistency in the spiritual disciplines.

Praise be to God for helping me realize that sanctification includes every aspect of my life. God wants to grow me and be glorified in everything I think, say, and do. This realization ignited a passion within me to seek His purpose and meaning in the seemingly ordinary moments we often overlook.

While you’re cooking dinner with a toddler at your feet, refereeing sibling fights, and letting out an exhausted sigh at the end of the day – God is there, working.

At The Mundane Moments, I strive to write practical and theologically sound blog posts that will equip you on your motherhood journey. Writing is also how I process what God is teaching me, so you’ll find the personal stories and Biblical truths for moms that I’m striving to weave into my own life.

We live in a world that often overlooks the sacredness of the ordinary, so let’s shift our focus. Join me as we strive to find joy in the everyday while embracing the truth that our mundane moments carry eternal significance.

Latest Posts

  • Trusting God Through PMDD

    *Trigger warning: Suicide* A couple of years after my youngest was born, I was diagnosed with PMDD. In my case, PMDD at its worst means that for one to two weeks each month, I spiral into a deep depression. Every sensory issue I have is exacerbated. Each day is a fight that I’m not sure […]

  • Teaching Forgiveness to My Children as a Neurodivergent Mother

    I wanted to give you tips on teaching forgiveness to children. Instead, I find myself humbled by my lack of forgiveness toward my own children. I’ve written before that special needs parenting is hard, but I haven’t written yet about my journey of coming to grips with my neurodivergence. I’ve always attributed the chaos that […]

  • Find Comfort in the Glory of the Incarnation

    While Mary was laboring to give birth to her son and tending to him in the hours after, shepherds were going about their mundane work. On this most humble, ordinary of nights, God gave his people a glimpse of glory. Surrounded by the sounds of livestock, an angel broke through the dark, shining with the […]

  • 15 Best Jim Elliot Quotes from His Journal

    I recently read The Journals of Jim Elliot, edited by Elisabeth Elliot, and was reminded again that one of our “heroes” of the faith struggled with sin, doubt, and the frailty of life. Born in 1927, Jim Elliot is most famous for his death at the hands of the very people he and several other […]

  • Consistent Bible Reading: How to Read Your Bible Daily

    Consistent Bible reading is an important aspect of growing in your faith. Throughout Scripture, we see the importance of time in the Word, but as a busy mom with an ever-changing schedule and desire for spontaneity, I’ve struggled with consistent time in the Word. But, learning how to read the Bible daily, is an important […]

  • 10 Things You Must Know About Establishing Christ-Centered Routines

    I love downloading daily routine lists because I’m prone to feeling like I will finally have my life organized if I follow someone else’s perfect morning schedule or daily rhythms. I follow them for a while, but they never end up being sustainable. The truth is, there is no perfect daily routine for every person. […]

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The Mundane Moments seeks to provide Biblical truths for moms, enabling them to find meaning in the mundane moments of the day.