Your mundane should matter

Reclaim the mundane moments

as a busy mom


Take notice of God's work in the ordinary

 Each month, read honest and relatable stories of how God is working in the lives of other ordinary mamas


See that less is sometimes more

Daily faithfulness in the Word doesn’t have to come with crazy expectations. Use the Bible journal for busy moms today for a doable plan.


Seek God continually

Find practical support and encouragement to seek God throughout your day by thinking deeply and praying through the Word.

Portable Bible Study Cards

think deeply on, pray through, and apply Scripture as you go about your day

portable Bible study for busy moms

Your to-do list won’t go away anytime soon.

We all want the feelings of fulfillment without the guilt of not doing enough. Instead, busyness causes you to miss the moments that mean the most.


It feels like…

  • You’re buried in the mundane tasks
  • Your worth is only found in the tangible – what you can see, touch, and do for others
  • You are missing what God is doing in and through you

Let’s recognize that God wants to grow us and be glorified in everything we think, say, and do. Let’s focus on Him and not just our to-do list. Because your mundane should matter.

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