Christian, Stay at Home Mom Schedule with a Baby and Preschooler

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A year and a half ago, I wrote out my daily schedule as a stay at home mom with a toddler. With our newest addition this year, I decided to share my new stay at home mom schedule. My oldest thrives on a routine, and I believe that daily schedules for preschoolers are important, but I also know how unpredictable life as a stay at home mom can be. I typically utilize time blocks and routines more than an actual timed schedule, but I went ahead and included the approximate times from one day.


My daily routine and stay at home mom schedule as a Christian mama with a baby and preschooler. #raptmotherhood #sahm #sahmschedule


Stay at Home Mom Schedule (with a 7-month-old and 3-year-old)


7:00 am Nurse baby and read my Bible (typically on my phone)

7:30 am Exercise

8 am Breakfast with 3-year-old and baby. Say our Bible verse, answer catechism questions, and sing a hymn.


8:30 am Pick up breakfast, finish coffee, and I get ready while the boys play

9:00 am Get boys dressed, start defrosting meat for dinner, start a load of laundry

9:30 am Nurse baby

10:00 am Baby naps, homeschool preschool

    • We used to use ABC Jesus Loves Me, but we switched this year to My Father’s World. I wanted a gentler curriculum that utilized a mixture of Charlotte Mason and Classical approaches. We are working our way through the pre-K curriculum, Voyage of Discovery, and we absolutely love it! My son asks to “do school” every day.

11:00 am Snack for 3-year-old (if not part of homeschool time) and watch a show. Baby wakes up and I start on chores. When big brother finishes his snack, he helps me clean.

    • I recently downloaded the Tody app to keep track of cleaning tasks. The app shows me when I last cleaned something, helps me keep track of when I need to clean it again, and sorts chores by room or by items that are overdue

Noon Pick up toys, nurse baby, get lunch ready

12:30 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Pick up lunch, read books

1:30 pm Naptime for 3-year-old, sometimes baby wants a quick nursing session

2:00 pm Naptime for baby, I do a Bible study and work on blogging

3:30 pm Boys wake up anytime between now and 4. Big brother eats a snack while watching a show, baby nurses, and I wrap up blogging tasks.

4:00 pm Outside play. 3-year-old has a meltdown, so we go inside to cool off.

5:30 pm Baby nurses and takes a catnap. I start dinner

6:00 pm Baby wakes up and I finish dinner

6:15 pm 3-year-old helps with a quick pick up

6:30 pm If he’s not working late, daddy gets home. Eat dinner together.

7:00 pm Play with daddy, read, and/or watch The Andy Griffith Show with Daddy

7:30 pm Nurse baby and get him ready for bed, daddy does bedtime routine with 3-year-old

8:00 pm Bedtime for kids. Pick up dinner and relax with husband. He’s taking online classes, so sometimes I’ll also read, watch a show, or work on blogging.



Tips to Becoming an Organized Stay at Home Mom

  1. Give yourself grace. I mentioned this in my last schedule, but there are days with sick kids, unexpected appointments, and a baby wanting to nurse even more than he already does!
  2. Life and unexpected changes are why I prefer routines over timed schedules. On Monday, I pick up my groceries from Walmart (grocery pickup is a lifesaver for busy moms*), the 3-year-old has speech therapy on Tuesdays, and church is on Wednesdays. If I used a timed schedule, each day would be different, and that’s too much for this mom brain to keep up with!
    • *If you haven’t tried Walmart Grocery pickup, click here to save $10 (Disclaimer: my family will also receive a $10 promo code)
  3. For my routine, I know that my first free block of time I need to prep for the day (start laundry, prep dinner, etc), the next free block is homeschool, then chores/cleaning, etc. The Tody app breaks up cleaning tasks even further for me, allowing me to cycle through chores as I have time for them.


If the same schedule or routine each day feels mundane, I’d encourage you to find your purpose in looking to Jesus. If you’re not sure what that looks like, practically, take the FREE 30 day look to Jesus challenge today.


Take the 30 Day Look to Jesus Challenge for Christian moms and learn simple, practical ways to develop a heart for the spiritual disciplines and view the mundane as opportunities for worship. Such a great way to help keep your eyes on Jesus. #lookToJesusChallenge #raptmotherhood



What Do You Think?

What do your days typically look like? Do you have any kind of stay at home mom schedule or routine?

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  1. Where do you keep your block schedule once you started it? I’m sure by now you have it memorized, but for mom’s like me just starting off? How would you suggest we jot it down and where would you suggest we put it?

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