10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

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I love all the audio resources available for Christian moms. We play an audio Bible through the Redeeming Routines guides daily. If I’m not listening to that while doing chores, you can typically find me listening to a podcast. Podcasts are an easy way for busy moms to find encouragement, advice, instruction in theology. Here is a list of what I think are the ten best podcasts for Christian moms. I’ve listed them below by category, and I’ve also included some of my favorite episodes!


As a stay at home mom, I find myself listening to a lot of podcasts. I love these Biblical podcasts for Christian moms and women! I love how encouraging these podcasts are! #podcasts #Christianpodcast #Christianmom


Podcasts for Christian Moms


Risen Motherhood

Risen Motherhood has been one of the top podcasts for Christian moms for a while now. Founded by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen, Risen Motherhood provides practical, Gospel-based encouragement. They look at mom issues like post-partum body image, education choices, and friendships and discuss how the Gospel impacts those areas. I love this podcast because it’s reasonably short, which makes it easy to listen to during my busy day!

My favorite episode: Episode 102 – Evangelism in the Little Years – Great advice for sharing the Good News with your children and those around you.



Homemaking Podcasts for Christian Moms


Thankful Homemaker

This one is not just about homemaking! The Thankful Homemaker has covered topics related to abortion, spiritual disciplines, and marriage. She does a great job of discussing what the Scripture says and not just giving her own opinion. Episodes are short, usually around 20-30 minutes, although there have been some lengthy discussions.

My favorite episode: Episode 69: Preaching the Gospel to Yourself I talk a lot about preaching the Gospel to yourself, and it’s a common phrase heard in the church. Marci takes a long (this episode is about an hour) look at what this means practically.



General Podcasts for Christian Moms



The Journeywomen podcast is another one of my favorite podcasts for Christian moms, but it is an excellent resource for any woman. Hunter hosts a variety of fantastic guests who are mentors of the faith. These episodes tend to be longer (about an hour), but they are filled with Biblical-truths and uplifting conversations.

My favorite episode: Episode 79: Gratitude and Hospitality with Mary Mohler – Hospitality, especially for an introverted mom with young children, sometimes feels impossible or forced. Mary is the wife of Albert Mohler (you’ll find his podcast in this list!) and is no stranger to hospitality as the wife of a seminary president. She gives excellent, practical help as well as helping us understand the Biblical reasons behind practicing hospitality. For more on hospitality, see my post on Hospitality for Introverts.


She Proves Faithful

She Proves Faithful is a practical, gospel-centered podcast. Raising children, working well, and raising children to look to Christ are some of the topics she’s tackled beautifully (and with humor!). Most of the podcasts I’ve listed provide show notes with recommended resources, but Lauren’s are some of my favorites. Episodes are typically around 30 minutes.

My favorite episode: Episode 143: Teaching Little Ones About God – One of the most recent episodes, Lauren talks about not only why we are instructed to teach our children about God, but gives us the how and what to teach them. Great listen for mamas of littles!


At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends

Sally Clarkson is a well-known author of books for women and mothers. Her podcast, At Home with Sally, is like listening to a mentor and friend give you instruction and encouragement for every area of life. Typically about 20-30 minutes, if you are looking for discipleship in what it means to be a woman of God, be sure to check out this podcast.

My favorite episode: Episode 291: When Life Doesn’t Turn Out As You Thought it Would – If you are currently going through difficult circumstances, finding yourself questioning God’s plan or struggling with depression, I pray you find encouragement through in this episode.


Revive Our Hearts

Another podcast from a spiritual mother to many, Revive Our Hearts, features the wisdom of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. These episodes are less than 30 minutes long and provide insight into understanding Biblical womanhood. Nancy is a wonderful Bible teacher who helps you better understand and apply the Word.

My favorite episode: January 14, 2020: The Art of Scripture Meditation – Especially with the release of Redeeming Routines, I love to hear others talk about meditating on the Bible. If this is a new concept for you, give this episode a listen. You can also read my post, How to Meditate on Scripture: A Guide for Busy Moms.



Theology Podcasts for Christian Moms


Theology Gals

The Theology Gals help women better understand theology and Christian living. Coming from a Reformed perspective, these podcasts are on the longer side (30 min to over an hour), but are great for women who are wanting a more in-depth discussion of theology and how it applies to our lives.

My favorite episode: Episode 135: Pregnancy and Infant Loss and Infertility – Having experienced both a miscarriage and infertility, this is a topic that’s dear to my heart and one that I think the church, in general, has done a poor job of addressing. Even if you’ve never experienced these losses, listen to this episode to find out how to better support other women.



Summer and Joy are the founders of Sheologians, another podcast that covers theology for women. Another longer podcast (30 min – an hour), these ladies tackle current issues, hot topics, and deep doctrine with a sense of humor. If you’re looking for a friend who doesn’t sugarcoat things, this is the podcast for you.

My favorite episode: God, Greed, & the Prosperity Gospel: An Interview with Costi Hinn – Costi Hinn is the nephew of Benny Hinn, a well-known televangelist. Listen to this if you don’t know what the prosperity “gospel” is or want to know how to talk about its dangers with your friends.


Help Me Teach the Bible

Although not a podcast specifically for women, Nancy Guthrie hosts Help Me Teach the Bible, where she discusses different books and passages of the Bible with other noted Bible teachers. Even if you don’t formally teach the Bible to others, I enjoy this podcast as it helps me better understand the Bible and enables me to explain it to my children.

My favorite episode: Raise the Bar When Teaching Children – Teaching your children the Bible is about more than head knowledge. Listen to this episode to incredible wisdom on training your child in the knowledge of the Word.


Podcast on News and Current Events


The Briefing

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, hosts The Briefing, a daily news podcast. He presents the news and current event topics with clarity and from a Christian perspective. Episodes are less than 30 minutes and greatly help me with my knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the world.

My favorite episode: The current one – This podcast is less topical and more about the day’s events and news. I haven’t listened to many older episodes, as I like to tune in to the day’s recording.


What are your favorite podcasts for Christian moms?

Let me know if there are others you think should be added to the list! If you’re more of a physical book person, be sure to check out my resource list.


This is an awesome selection of Biblical podcasts for Christian moms! My favorite list of podcasts by far! #bestpodcasts #podcastsforChristianmoms #SAHM

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  1. My absolute favorite podcast as a Christian mom is Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey. I love that she interviews people who may not agree with her, and her knowledge of the Bible is incredible. She also draws a clear line between her opinions and facts, so there’s no guessing.

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