Last-Minute DIY Gift Ideas That Point to the Gospel

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As we are in the midst of the Christmas season, many of us are preoccupied with buying gifts.  This can become overwhelming, and I have frequently asked myself if gift-giving is something that I need to concern myself with as a Christian.

In the same way that creating a beautiful home can point others to the true standard of beauty, our gifts can point our family and friends to their Creator – the ultimate gift giver.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23

This Christmas season, let us focus our eyes on Christ.  Let us create meaningful gifts that show we know and care about the recipient.  

Many times, DIY gifts are actually more meaningful as you specifically tailor them to your recipient.  Here are some of my favorite last-minute DIY gift ideas that can encourage your family and friends to look to Christ this holiday season.

Last minute, DIY gift ideas that point to the Gospel

Last-minute DIY gift ideas that children can make


I love involving my kids in gift making and giving!  I want them to look to Christ always, and that can be hard for kids when Christmas is focused completely on receiving presents.  Here are some ideas of gifts that children can help make and learn more about generosity in the process.


Jesse Tree Ornaments

DIY Jesse Tree advent calendar

I made some Jesse tree ornaments that we are using as an advent calendar.  Your children can help you make extras to give to another family.  Complete the gift by including a small table-top tree!




This is a Sunday School teacher appreciation gift, but it would work for anyone involved in your child’s spiritual growth.  This mom bought Dollar Store coffee mugs and planted succulents in them.  She then attached a sweet note of thanks for helping her child grow in the love of God.  I would also encourage you to take the time with your child to pray for the recipient while you plant the succulents.


Inspirational Bracelets

Kim at Inspiration Made Simple shows how to make your own bracelets out of popsicle sticks.  You can have your kids help color them, and you (or older children) would then write a verse or encouraging words.


Service Gifts


If you have a specific talent, make a gift out of it!  These are also great last-minute gift ideas.

Are you a great baker?


Bake some cookies or bread.  Tie it in pretty packaging and attach a scripture gift tag.  Amy at Encouraging Moms at Home has some beautiful and free Scripture Gift tags.


Are you good at painting?

Paint scripture or a meaningful quote on a canvas.


Do you know a new mom?

Offer to watch her children so she can take a break to prepare for the holidays or just spend some time alone.  Have a little extra money?  Give her a new devotional or book and a gift card to a coffee shop to make her break more special.  Here are three books that I would suggest. For more suggestions, check out The Mundane Moments resource page.


Are you a busy wife?

For Christmas last year, I made my husband several coupons.  They included things like breakfast in bed and an uninterrupted nap.  This was a free gift, but it was incredibly meaningful to him.  I personalized to his interests and the ways he would feel loved.  Ultimately, the goal of this gift was to demonstrate Gospel-centered love to my husband.  If you are stuck and can’t think of ideas for your coupons, One Artsy Momma has a free coupon book template with suggestions of things to include.



What do you think?


How does gift-giving tie back to the Gospel? How can our gifts point others to Christ and what He has done?  What are some of the best gifts you have received?  What are some of your favorite last-minute DIY gift ideas that you have created?


Last minute, DIY gift ideas that point to the Gospel

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