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Ready to start seeking God in the mundane moments, but not sure what it looks like practically?

Here are tips from REAL moms along with our favorite resources!


Tips from Real Mamas

family - Shella Phanord - Copy

Shella G.

 I found out that when I start my day with praise and worship, I am more willing to seek the Lord and have a grateful attitude in everything I do. Praise and worship allows me to seek God first, so I listen to a lot of worship music and take a couple of minutes to pray.

20191129_143656 - TINA BARFIELD

Tina B.

Whenever I have an interaction with my adult kiddos, I stop and say thank you Jesus. When I have money to pay bills, grocery shop, etc. I stop and say thank you Jesus. When my appliances are all working, thank you Jesus. Even in what I might consider things being mundane, I thank Jesus! Thank him for trials & blessings!


Renee Y.

Homeschooling has been really life giving. It sets the tone for the day and knowing that I will have some sort of biblical perspective is great. I have to live what I preach, and my kids are quick to call it out. I am currently memorizing scripture, the Sermon on the Mount. It has been challenging with everything else that is going on. I set it as a background on my phone so I have to look at it/say it before looking at my phone. (I grab my phone, ALOT! ahhh) I also enjoy listening to scripture on the ESV bible app when I am in the shower, talking a walk. The kids hear me say my verses and have started picking them up too. I write scripture and do most everything when the kids are napping or late at night when my husband is working on his Ph.D work.

IMG_8174 - Laura Bailey

Laura B.

I am a morning person, that is when I try to do my quiet time. But, like many moms, my time often gets interrupted by an early riser. I try to carve out time in the day to finish my devotion- even if that means putting on the TV, I give myself grace there. I think it is important my children see their Mom reading the Bible, so I will often read while they play outside, or while they work on a craft. I do have Scripture cards that I keep in my person, and I challenge myself to grab those instead of my phone when I have a free minute, or waiting in the school pick up line. I also listen to the Bible, sermons, and podcasts when I clean, go on walks, or in the car. Even with my girls in the car, it is amazing what they can pick up. God has taught me that my time with Him does not have to look a certain way, He just wants me to meet with Him. Maybe today is 5 minutes, maybe tomorrow is an hour, it is not a set number of minutes, but a heart that is open to hearing God speak, and applying His truth to their lives.

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