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The Mundane Moments is built on the stories and experiences of mothers just like you

Every month, The Mundane Moments newsletter features stories of ordinary moms, faithfully seeking God each day.

These are real voices, real moms, because God works in the mundane moments, not just the viral videos you see while scrolling social media.

Kingdom Work

I absolutely loved reading this. I am sitting in my car with my newborn after dropping off my first at school and I just saw the email from you so I decided to give it a quick skim. I ended up reading the whole thing and it’s comforting to see what another mom is going through. I love this reminder that motherhood is kingdom work and I will try to remember this with prayer during the mundane times. Looking forward to more features!

Naomi - A Mundane Moments Subscriber

Motherhood is overwhelming, tiring, exhausting but so worth it (2)

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